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Shravan Satyani (Satyani Fine Jewels and Tyaani Fine Jewellery)
Voices for Local with Monisha Singh KatialDecember 08, 2021
25:2358.52 MB

Shravan Satyani (Satyani Fine Jewels and Tyaani Fine Jewellery)

On today’s episode of Voices For Local, we get insights from Shravan Satyani, Director at Satyani Fine Jewels and Tyaani Fine Jewellery, on the constant innovation it takes to make sought after jewellery, the importance of personal customer relationships and trust in the jewellery business, his effo...

Small IPOs Attract Rich Investors
The Signal DailyDecember 08, 2021x
00:05:004.6 MB

Small IPOs Attract Rich Investors

Today's episode features Chinmay Bhogle, who deconstructs two finance stories for us. He begins by explaining why high networth individuals (HNIs) prefer smaller initial public offerings (IPOs) than larger ones. Second, he discusses the latest crypto controversy: Craig Wright's victory in a lawsuit ...

CDS बिपिन रावत यांचा हेलिकॉप्टर अपघातात मृत्यु
Sakalchya Batmya / Daily Sakal NewsDecember 08, 2021
00:10:089.34 MB

CDS बिपिन रावत यांचा हेलिकॉप्टर अपघातात मृत्यु

1. हेलिकॉप्टर अपघात : CDS बिपिन रावत यांचे निधन 2. काय सांगता? वय फक्त 10 वर्ष, एका महिन्यात तिने कमावले 1 कोटी 3. माणसांच्या डोक्यात चिप, विचार करताच चालणार मोबाईल-कॉप्युटर! 4. ओलाफ शोल्झ यांची जर्मनीचे नवे चान्सलर म्हणून निवड 5. आम्ही गांधींच्या भारतात विलिन झालो, गोडसेच्या नव्हे - फारुख अब्दुल्ला...

Des ball magic & SWNFC finale

Des ball magic & SWNFC finale

Arka joins host Siju for this episode as we look at the ISL season so far. Some hits & misses, some surprising performances mixed with some good football. This season has it all. We also discuss the Senior Women's National Football Championship where Railways will play Manipur in the finals on Thurs...

Stress: Reason for your acidity?

Stress: Reason for your acidity?

Does stress affects your appetite? Is stress one of the reason for your acidity? Listen to this episode to clear all your doubts. Dr Saab is to answer all your queries on Acidity, Reflux acid/ GERD, What is the reason behind GERD, Which food items to avoid in acidity and healthy food to consume to c...

How the Middle Class Can Save India
WhackDecember 08, 202100:10:399.78 MB

How the Middle Class Can Save India

The middle class In India Is considered the golden goose. But is enough being done to support and uplift them? Find out in today's episode of Whack. Find Freishia on: Instagram at freishia Twitter at freishiab Facebook at Freishia B Email at Or the YouTube video of this episode h...

Amazon's Supply Chain Win
Revolution ReadOnDecember 08, 202100:08:007.37 MB

Amazon's Supply Chain Win

The supply chain crisis has impacted even the biggest of retailers. But Amazon seems immune to the problem. Here's how the e-commerce giant prepared for this catastrophe.

Lockdown led to rise in underage marriages
All Indians MatterDecember 07, 2021
00:30:1527.75 MB

Lockdown led to rise in underage marriages

The lockdown imposed in 2020 forced many families into debt and poverty. Unable to care for their children, many considered the weddings of their underage girls as necessary for survival. According to the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development, from the last week of March up until June 2020 a...