“We have to make a EFFING good beer”
Cheers Chatty Beer PodcastJuly 21, 2021x
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“We have to make a EFFING good beer”

“We have to make a EFFING good beer!”

And that’s how the brand name was born in a drunken state.

Cheers Chatty Podcast features Manu Gulati, the founder of Effingut Brewerkz who calls himself a brewer with a passion to brew and with a little business acumen. He talks about his journey from being a typical Punjabi boy with Whisky flowing all around to brewing winter warmer beer aged in whisky barrels for a year. The beer won top honors at the Asia Beer Championship as well.

And to surprise Manu Gulati, Shilpi Sharma- a die-hard fan of Effingut Brews pours her love for Cidersand Hefeweizen beer.

Tune into India’s first and only beer podcast.

Podcast Host: Chatty Girija