Heart to Heart Conversation Introducing Anuradha Gupta
Heart to Heart with Anuradha GuptaSeptember 17, 2021x
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Heart to Heart Conversation Introducing Anuradha Gupta

Welcome to Heart to Heart. In the first episode of this series. Diva Dhawan introduces Anuradha Gupta as the host of this series and they talk about Anuradha's journey so far. They discuss how she juggles various roles- being a mom to young twins, a wife, an entrepreneur and a serial angel investor. Anuradha talks of the role closest to her heart, the role of relationship expert and Founder CEO at Vows for Eternity. Anuradha has successfully grown her matchmaking company over the last decade to have a global presence whilst still keeping at its core her original reason for starting the company: connecting two people so they are better together than on their own.

Tune in to hear her life insights and beautiful journey.