Gargi, Maitreyee and other Brahmavadinis (Part 3)
Heritage India PodcastMay 02, 2021x
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Gargi, Maitreyee and other Brahmavadinis (Part 3)

From the era of Veda and Upanishad in the 8th century BCE, this episode touches on the grace of Gargi Vachaknavi one of the most influential philosophers of the Vedic period and her enlightening debate with sage Yajnavalkya in the Janak’s court. In this episode, host Sucheta Paranjape deconstructs Gargi’s wisdom, her bravery as she stepped ahead to engage in a debate with Sage Yajnavalkya, and arguments about the reality of the basic foundation of an entity or the ultimate ‘wrap’ of reality.

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