Mahanayika Draupadi (Part 1)
Heritage India PodcastApril 24, 2021x
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Mahanayika Draupadi (Part 1)

One woman who stands out if we were to identify as Mahanayika in Mahabharata would be Draupadi. From the famous Sanskrit epic of Mahabharata of ancient India by Vyasa, Host Dr.Sucheta Paranjape dives into the life of the Mahanayika Draupadi, the woman around whom the story of Mahabharata stood from the perspective of realism. Deconstruct the character of this epitome of feminism Draupadi, in this episode learn the story of this enigmatic woman, the history of her unbending will, her sacrifices, the saga of suffering and tragedy, about the woman who conquered every perpetrator with dignity and grace.

In this episode know about the beginning of the tragedy Draupadi’s life awaited, her marriage, and her life as the wife of the Pandavas.

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