Mahanayika Draupadi (Part 2)
Heritage India PodcastApril 24, 2021x
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Mahanayika Draupadi (Part 2)

From the famous Sanskrit epic of Mahabharata of ancient India by Vyasa, Host Dr.Sucheta Paranjape dives into the life of the Mahanayika Draupadi, the woman around whom the story of Mahabharata stood from the perspective of realism. As Shakuni, Duryodhana's uncle arranges the dice game for Yudhishthira to win his wealth, in this episode learn about the horrific consequences it brings to Draupadi’s life, and how this event became a mark as the life turning incident of the Kurukshetra.

 Listen to this episode as host Sucheta gives her insights on Draupadi as a woman, her will, and the conclusion of her tragic story.

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