Why you need to invest in personal growth learning

Why you need to invest in personal growth learning

This podcast may be for some of my listeners or many of my listeners and may be just for you! Sort out this essential doubt in your mind, and it will definitely help you in change your entire future. In this episode, I'm going to answer a few basic doubts and questions around personal development. I have also encountered these many times in my life as well.

Is the personal growth need separate training ?

Why I should spend my time & money learning into personal development?

I don’t need anyone to teach me what is good and bad for my life

Does these doubts belongs to you also ?

Listen to this episode till the end and I'm sure this will help you change your perspective positively towards engaging into personal growth or personal development learnings.

I've divided this podcast into three segments to address some of the most common questions.

1st - What is personal growth ?

2nd - Why you need to invest for personal development learning ?

3rd - Who can really coach you on your personal growth journey ?