You are so special & unique Brand!
LastRow ClubDecember 31, 2021x
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You are so special & unique Brand!

I'm recording this very special episode for my listeners near the end of 2021, and it's a truly special feeling to drop this podcast knowing how important it would be if I had to really talk to someone on this last day of the year and make you feel special because you are truly unique and have something in you that no one else has!

Some of you may listen to this episode at a later date or on a different day, and I want you to understand the emotions and thoughts of the few hours of the year.

I want you to understand that you are truly unique and a special creation of the creator. No one makes a conscious attempt to create anything stupid or clueless

You must realize that you are a very special and unique brand within yourself!

I've divided this podcast into three parts to take you on a journey.

First, we'll define branding, how it's defined in the market and as well as  what I mean by it.

Second, we'll look at why it's crucial to increase your network for your brand's reach.

Third, what steps can you do to improve your branding?