Ep 10: The Forgotten Era - Begum Sumroo_Part 1
Long History Short with RanjitAugust 09, 2020x
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Ep 10: The Forgotten Era - Begum Sumroo_Part 1

This brand new episode kicks off a journey into an era of Indian history that is the least understood in the country. Learn about a time when civilizations clashed and collapsed to mark the end of one empire and the start of another, less benevolent rule that would push Indian into poverty and loss of identity for a long time to come. Begum Sumroo is one such character who played an interesting role, though on the fringes of this historical battleground. Her life is made more interesting by the fact that she boldly ruled in a world otherwise dominated by men alone, and the many romances in her life that would also impact the politics of her day.


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