Ep4: Ashok - The legend of Ashokavadan
Long History Short with RanjitOctober 11, 2019x
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Ep4: Ashok - The legend of Ashokavadan

In this brand new episode, meet the Ashok of the ancient Indian legend - Ashokavadan - written sometime in the 2nd or 3rd century CE. This legend tells of Ashok's transformation from a cruel version of 'Chandashok' to the pious image of 'Dharamashok'. This episode will tell you why, and how he undergoes this transformation. But even more importantly, it will show you how legends create larger-than-life images of their heroes and their purposes. Written in the 2nd-4th century CE, the Ashokavadan carries that image of Ashok which had survived for nearly 500 years after Ashok's death. Most of the sculptures in Sanchi and other Buddhist sites are inspired by the stories of the Ashokavadan, and the larger collection of stories, Divyavadan, that it is part of. 

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