A For Aleph
Maed in IndiaSeptember 26, 2021x
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A For Aleph

We’re at the last stop of Maed in India’s Our Neighbours 2021, and it’s a bittersweet moment after a journey filled with music, banter and new friendships from across the Subcontinent. Our grand finale takes us to Karachi, Pakistan, as we present A For Aleph, a record label, artist collective & music residency, with their collaborative project ‘Qurb’, by Anas Alam KhanWaqas HussainAziz Kazi and Louis J. Pinto. Mae talks to Anas and Waqas about the music scene in Pakistan post 2008, Waqas’ musical lineage as a 7th generation sitarist, the meaning of ‘Qurb’, and how the song came together.


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Host: Mae

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Producer: Shaun Fanthome and Husein Haveliwala