Maed Mixtape - Vacay
Maed in IndiaJuly 25, 2021x
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Maed Mixtape - Vacay

What’s the one thing that we all want but can’t have? You guessed it – it’s a vacation! *sigh* That wasn’t a fun riddle. What’s worse is, this feeling of longing may last a while, until it gets safe to travel again. But, of course, one can still dream. Till then, here’s a mixtape full of travel-worthy tunes to keep you going until you can book that flight or hit the road again.

Song List:

Tribemama Marykali - Bless Ya Heels (02:30 - 05:37)

Alan Ebe - Honey (06:45 - 11:29)

Vinayak ft. Tushar Joshi & Harjot Kaur - Tu Mujh Mein (12:18 - 16:06)

Trenance - Tell Me Again (17:35 - 20:52)

Apartment Upstairs feat. Doc.AwesAbhay Sharma and Fakeer - I'll Be With You (22:38 - 26:16)

Michael Timothy feat. Nami - Bye Bye (27:15 - 29:31)


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Host: Mae

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Audio Editor Post: Kartik Kulkarni

Producer: Shaun Fanthome and Husein Haveliwala