Natasha Noorani
Maed in IndiaAugust 22, 2021x
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Natasha Noorani

Our 250th episode is a special one for sure! It marks the first of Maed in India’s Our Neighbours interview series. Here’s a neighbour from the northwest – singer-songwriter, festival director and ethnomusicologist from Lahore, Natasha Noorani! Mae’s banter-ful chat with Natasha touches on her never-ending résumé, the indie music scene in Pakistan, the Lahore Music Meet she co-founded with fellow Biryani Bro Zahra Paracha, her nashtas (you’ll understand), Mae’s trip to Lahore, and, of course, ‘Choro’, the lead single from her upcoming album Ronaq, which you’ll also get to hear at the end of this episode!


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