Maed in IndiaSeptember 12, 2021x
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We’re more than halfway through Maed in India’s Our Neighbours 2021, but the longest trip of the journey has just begun, because for this episode of the interview series, we’re flying over a couple continents to meet Tamil-Canadian mridangam player, singer & producer Yanchan! He takes Mae through forcing his parents to let him learn the mridangam as a kid, the beauty of beat tapes, and shows her around his hometown – musically, of course – through his latest release, The Scarborough Beat Tape, from which you’ll get to listen to ‘Bluffs’ and ‘Kennedy Station’ at the end of this episode!


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Host: Mae

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Audio Editor Post: Kartik Kulkarni

Producer: Shaun Fanthome and Husein Haveliwala