From the Asia Pacific region to the Middle East and from Europe to Latin America and West Africa, Ikat is a form of patterning that brings together nearly the entire world. Records of Ikat are found in the 6th Century Ajanta and Ellora frescoes. Typically characterized by the slight blurriness of its designs, the process of tying and dyeing yarns is considered to be the oldest form of creating designs known to mankind. So intricate and laborious is the process of Ikat, that it is also called — ‘poetry of the loom’.

You can bring home the elegance of Ikat, as a texture on your wall, in a range of colours with Taana Baana by Asian Paints Royale Play, a first-of-its-kind range of wall textures inspired by Indian handicrafts and weaves. 

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Special thanks to

Anjali Karolia

Dayalu Meher

Produced by: Ideabrew Studios

Director: Aniruddha Pawade

Research & Script: Nupur Sonar

Voice Over: Hrishi K

Sound Design: Stanley Chacko