John Corabi talks Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Tales from the RoadOctober 29, 2021x
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John Corabi talks Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Unquestionably, John Corabi is one of the most unique and instantly recognizable voices in rock history. John’s unique vocals and songwriting were standout elements in his music and albums with motley crue and the dead daisies. 

Over the years John has also fronted his own bands w/ The Scream and Union w/ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick and brief stints in Ratt and Brides of destruction. 

John has been at the top musically with the bands that he’s been with and in his solo career. John’s vocal abilities and songwriting skills come to the fore in both his solo albums, Unplugged in 2012 and Live in Nashville in 2018. 

I caught up with John while has was spending the weekend at a trailer park in Nashville and he detailed the making of his lates single Cosi Bella. Through the conversation we also discussed his songwriting process, his thoughts on making music in the age of streaming services, his time with Motley Crüe, his upcoming biography  Horseshoes And Hand Grenades his thoughts on touring and a whole lot more.

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