KK Downing of KK's Priest
Tales from the RoadAugust 27, 2021x
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KK Downing of KK's Priest

My next guest is the legendary KK Downing. They say you can’t keep a heavy metal legend down. Although it’s been nearly a decade since guitarist and songwriter K.K. Downing departed Judas Priest, the famous band he co-founded and played with for 40 years, he was never really going to retire. It was only a matter of time before he reclaimed the spotlight. I caught up with KK to talk about KK'S Priest his new project with Tim Ripper Owen and their upcoming album Sermons of the Sinner. Downing assembled Owens, Mills, former Voodoo Six bassist Tony Newton, and DeathRiders/Cage drummer Sean Elg to create Sermons Of The Sinner, an album that celebrates his classic metal roots and encourages us to cherish those iconic pioneers whom we still have with us. He jokes that KK’s Priest is “like a new old band. Or an old new band.”  We talked at length about the new album, his legal battles with Judas Priest, touring over the next few years and all things metal. 

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