Marty Friedman - Guitar player, Composer
Tales from the RoadOctober 15, 2021x
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Marty Friedman - Guitar player, Composer

Marty Friedman  is one of the most unique, engaging and adventurous musicians to ever pick up an electric guitar. Marty has profoundly influenced musicians over the years from the 80’s when he teamed up with fellow guitarist Jason Becker in Cacaphony to his time in Megadeth in the early 90’s, where he contributed to some of their most most seminal albums. Marty moved to Japan in 2003 and has since pursued a solo career and now is a much in demand guitar player, tv show host and is a national celebrity of sorts. 

A couple of years ago Marty was officially recognised by the Japanse Government, as an Ambassador of Japanse Heritage. 

In the last 10 years Marty has released a trilogy of albums the Tokyo Jukebox volumes where he covers popular Japanese pop songs but re-aranged Marty Style. The albums while they retain their melodic style, clearly has a friedman watermark all over it. In this conversation with Marty he reflected on his  much written about cross-continental life discussed the Tokyo Jukebox Trilogy and his efforts in taking japanse music to the west. We also look back on his live show in India ,his approach to playing and collaborating with Indian musicians and a whole lot more. 

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