Hearsch Bakery - Small food biz Coping with COVID19
THC HEARTBYTESJuly 05, 2020x
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Hearsch Bakery - Small food biz Coping with COVID19

With so many small businesses being hit hard by quarantine and lockdown, it can be a crushing experience and one that might even lead to owners shutting down their outfits for good.

I spoke to some entrepreneurs in the food space in Bombay to see what they had to say, on THC HeartBytes, my podcast as The Heart Chef. I even asked them for ways in which patrons could best support them at a time like this.

Here I am speaking with Melwyn D'Sa of #HearschBakery in Bandra. An establishment that opened during World War 1 and until just before lockdown, still enjoyed the patronage of regulars in the area as well as those who travelled from across the city to partake of their delicious treats.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently everyone at Hearsch Bakery is using masks and gloves, all surfaces are repeatedly sanitized and social distancing is being strictly maintained as per regulations.

These pictures and videos were shot two years ago when I featured Hearsch Bakery on my podcast #MetroFoodHoppers in the Bandra's Old Skool Bakeries episode: https://indianexpress.com/audio/metro-food-hoppers/old-skool-bakeries/5246492/

Do listen and share, and let me know if there's anyone you know in the small food business world, whose story should be told. I'm keen to get in touch with them.

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