Meeting MasterChef India Shipra Khanna
THC HEARTBYTESJuly 06, 2020x
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Meeting MasterChef India Shipra Khanna

This episode is about my rather interesting interaction with MasterChef India season 2 winner, Shipra Khanna. I thought ok, here’s a cool lady, she won MasterChef India and she has an inspiring story of rising up out of domestic abuse and becoming a national icon with international recognition. 

Now one of my main agendas on this podcast – I want to sincerely and seriously promote amazing women in the food world, to show support and to encourage and celebrate their invaluable contributions to the F&B industry.
If you know some radical ladies who are making a mark and have impressed you, and you think more people need to know about them PLEASE share their contact info and a small note on why you think they are so incredible. Email me at and I’ll be sure to take it forward.

What I was pleasantly surprised to find out what that Shipra was refreshingly down to earth, cheeky and smart-funny, and really quite considerate – I witnessed this myself when a girl in the audience began sneezing and then continued for a whole minute, I’m talking body shaking powerful sneezes and Shipra stopped talking and asked her if she was ok or needed some water, and this made the event management guys actually turn the AC down which is great coz I and everybody else in that small room was freezing.

Shipra was interviewed on a little stage by NDTV anchor Ambika Anand who asked her mostly predictable questions included one about whether Shipra thought the food world was a male-dominated one, to which Shipra said, “Of course it is, everyone knows that!” Sassy lady, I like!

Shipra then shared her story of how she got into MasterChef India and kudos to her for giving props to her kids for motivating her creativity in the kitchen, and most of all to her mother for listening to her maternal instinct and signing Shipra up for the competition, which forced her to rise above her troubled domestic situation and her depression. 

What I appreciated the most was the humility with which Shipra shared her biggest takeaway from the whole experience of winning this prestigious competition. When Shipra began taking questions from the audience I stood up and asked her whether she thought India was ready for a platform where women in the food industry were exclusively celebrated and had their efforts and talent showcased in a supportive and encouraging manner because that’s what I wanted to start with my podcast THC HeartBytes, and she replied with a wholehearted, “Yes, absolutely! It’s about time!”

So, I guess it’s only fitting that I kick off this initiative with her as the first Fabulous Food Femme. More power to you Shipra, you are an inspiration to us all.