Childhood is the most important part of our lives. It has a huge impact on our adult life. Our early days decide what the next step for us will be. They either make or break us. The values and belief systems we grew up with go long way with us. 

Though the lessons learned in childhood are powerful, they don't have to limit us. 
The other way is to realize and accept our issues, analyze them and then choose the right path. 

In this episode, hear Esha's story. How her childhood impacts her life and how she overcomes her depression. Meditation is like a calm sea in this chaotic world. We feel at peace within once we hear the sound of waves. Once you start taking some time for yourself, you will find inner peace; like Esha found hers in meditation. She left the battle of depression she was facing behind. 

To everyone listening this episode, put yourself first over everything and prioritise your mental health.