Most of the time, we feel uncomfortable when we're alone. We often associate being alone with being unloved. We fear being alone, but why is that?

We never spend as much time with ourselves, never acknowledge our own thoughts; so the thought of being alone leads to anxiety and pressure.

Well, once you realize that the key is having the right mindset: one of self- love. The relationship you have with yourself is important. Working on yourself, healing from the past, and keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy.

It is important to know that sometimes isolation is about teaching you to be self-sufficient, to be there for yourself no matter what. Often, your internal dialogue is the game changer - for better or for worse. It can motivate as well as demotivate you.

On this World Mental Health Day, remember that taking care of your mental health is one of the most important parts of self-care. Practice being comfortable in your own company and be present with your thoughts.

Love, appreciate, encourage, and accept yourself unconditionally.