Happy Holidays!
Voices for Local with Monisha Singh KatialDecember 22, 202100:00:411.96 MB

Happy Holidays!

Our journey across the country to meet the Voices For Local is taking a quick pit stop, but don’t you worry– we’ll be back before you know it! Until then, don’t forget to support your local brands this holiday season. Happy shopping!

Voices For Local will return on January 6th.

To keep up with Monisha Singh Katial, follow her on Instagram @monishasinghkatial. We would love to hear from you and your recommendations for homegrown brands that you think we should feature on our lineup of Voices For Local, so reach out to us @voicesforlocal on Instagram.


Host: Monisha Singh Katial (Twitter & Instagram)

This is a Maed in India production.

Audio Engineer & Editor: Kartik Kulkarni

Creative Director: Mae Mariyam Thomas

Project Manager: Shaun Fanthome

Producer: Husein Haveliwala