Shubha Mutneja (Hathkargha)
Voices for Local with Monisha Singh KatialDecember 15, 2021
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Shubha Mutneja (Hathkargha)

On this episode of Voices For Local, we’re going to celebrate a brand that makes the sari an effortless style statement. Monisha chats with the founder of Hathkargha, Shubha Mutneja, about how she went from never being exposed to everyday sari-wearing to being passionate about saris and textiles, what the brand name means to her, not really using social media marketing shortcuts or strategies, and using all her savings to support her weavers during the pandemic.

To check out Hathkargha’s work, log onto or follow their journey on Instagram @hathkargha. And to keep up with Monisha Singh Katial, follow her on Instagram @monishasinghkatial. We would love to hear from you and your recommendations for homegrown brands that you think we should feature on our lineup of Voices For Local, so reach out to us @voicesforlocal on Instagram.


Host: Monisha Singh Katial (Twitter & Instagram)

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